Book Junkie

"They say money can't buy happiness - but I have a receipt from the bookstore telling a different story"

I love books...getting lost in a story, staying up late to read one more chapter, the joy of discovering a sequel to my favorite story...and recommending books to my friends. The best compliment to this book junkie is "I love the books you recommend". Here are my favorites. -Jenni

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Woman in Cabin 10 9 women 1 dress Rosie Project My Name is Memory How to bake a perfect life
Where did you go bernadette? Sushi for beginners
Books about dogs        
art of racing in the rain Marley and Me Emily and Einstein
Dark and Twisted Books        
The girl on the train
Light Reads        
Wedding night
Elephant Books        
still life with elephant elephant whisperer modoc Leaving Time


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light reads Drama dogs