Emily and Einstein

Emily and Einstein

I loved this book. Not too fluffy, not too heavy. A mystery/love story/comedy with a dog as a main character.

Emily Portman is an up-and-coming New York City editor whose life is everything she imagined it would be. She has a job she loves and a beautiful Upper West Side apartment with her husband, Sandy. But everything changes in one night, when Sandy dies in a tragic accident, and Emily is stunned to discover that her marriage was made up of lies. Suddenly, she is forced on a journey to find out who her husband really was . . . all the while feeling that somehow he isn’t really gone. Angry, hurt, and sometimes betrayed by loving memories of the man she lost, Emily’s only comfort is a mysterious, scruffy dog named Einstein, who comes into her life at just the right moment – and stands by her side as she uncovers surprising truths about Sandy and her own family.

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