These books are light and easy reading – and laugh out loud funny!


The Wedding Night;

A playful romantic comedy – what would happen if you ran into your ex-boyfriend right after your boyfriend didn’t propose as planned? Purchase from Amazon here


The Undomestic Goddess

I read this book straight thru on a plane, and was laughing so hard I needed Kleenex. Workaholic attorney Samantha makes a huge mistake at work, and is so devastated she gets on the tube and ends up in the middle of nowhere. When she goes to ask for directions, she is mistaken for the new housekeeper. Purchase from Amazon here


Stiletto Safari 

This is total chick lit. Zara lives a somewhat superficial high life in NYC.  When her boyfriend is arrested for insider trading, the press is more than she can handle.  So after a few too many glasses of wine, she decides to escape/volunteer at an animal conservatory in Africa. This was a fun and easy read – not quite as fluffy as it sounds. FYI it is part of a series. Purchase from Amazon 



Can you Keep a Secret?  

Emma has a few secrets she keeps to herself.  While it appears that her plane is going to crash, she blurts them out to the handsome man sitting next to her.  Monday morning, she finds out the handsome stranger is her new boss.Purchase from Amazon here 



I’ve Got Your Number

Poppy is away at a conference when she loses both her engagement ring and cell phone in a fire drill. Fortunately, she finds Sam’s abandoned phone in the trash.  The problem is that she can’t help but to answer Sam’s text messages and emails for him.  Hilarity ensues and the two meddle in each others lives.  Purchase from Amazon here


Alphabet Weekends

Natalie and Tom have been friends for ages.  Tom wants out of the friend zone – so he suggests that they spend 26 weekends together doing 26 activities from A to Z.  A fun romantic comedy. Purchase from Amazon here





Twenties Girl

Lara has always had an active imagination.  When her grandmother passes away, she can’t believe her eyes.  A young version of her grandmother is insisting on Lara’s help to locate a lost necklace.  It is a funny and charming story of family and enjoying life- even when you’re dead.Buy it from Amazon here