The Wind in My Wheels

The Wind in My Wheels by Josie Dew

This is a great glimpse into the world for anyone who dreams of traveling (versus vacationing). The book is set in the early 1990’s, when Josie was approximately 20 years old. A young woman with no GPS and no cell phone, riding her bike through Africa, Europe, the Middle East.

As a young girl, Josie Dew developed an overpowering urge to travel. She also fell out of a fast-moving vehicle and developed a lifelong aversion to cars. Along came her first bicycle, and she has never looked back. Four continents, thirty-six countries and eighty thousand miles worth of astounding adventures, eccentric characters, varied cultures and ever-enduring optimism are the result of her travels.

From Saharan locust invasions to tree-climbing goats, and a customs official who wouldn’t let her leave India because ‘You are making me a very fine wife’, her encounters are described with honesty, wit and perception. Strange incidents and bizarre circumstances punctuate her journeys: in Nepal she met a team of Frenchmen running from Paris to China, and a cyclist on his way from one Olympic Games to the next. In Udaipur she was greeted by everyone with the refrain ‘Hello Mr. Jamie Bond Octopussy filmed here’, whilst her view of post-Ceausescu Romania, a nation suffering and starving, affected her both physically and mentally.

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